Large Scale Irrigation

The Pierce CP-600 is the thoroughbred of the industry when it comes to large-scale pivot irrigation.

The ultimate goal of today's ag producer is to effectively generate greater yields from every acre. To help achieve this, you need the right irrigation system. A system that makes the best use of available resources, as well as offering peak performance in all types of applications and conditions. With over 82 years of experience, Pierce engineers have the know-how to meet those challenges.
The CP-600 has been designed and field-tested for durability and features pace-setting advances available only with Pierce-built systems.

Optimized Corner Systems

Pivot Machine

The new Pierce Corner System utilizes the latest mechanized control technology to increase yields and ultimately, profits.

Using variable frequency drives, Pierce Constant Move synchronizes the speed of the pivot with the corner span, reducing stress as it squares the parcel. Measured water flow from end tower to corner span is achieved by a unique flexible linear slide joint connector.

As the Corner moves through the field, the monitoring and control system determines how much water is required during acceleration or deceleration and adjusts the water application automatically to control under and over watering.

Linear System

Linear Systems

Our engineers have developed a linear employing uniform components. By standardizing the machine's parts, we have simplified assembly and service, creating a more efficient system. Combine this with the most advanced manufacturing methods, parts and electronics, and the result is the Linear - unequalled when it comes to effective and reliable crop irrigation, chemigation and wastewater management season after season.

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